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Patients who, after electronic consultations and obtaining information on the possibility of performing a surgical procedure, its estimated cost and the scope of surgery, to book a date for a surgical procedure, will be asked to make an advance deposit payment.

  1. All patients will be asked to place a deposit and it will be collected at the day of making surgery reservation, prior to an actual surgery date.
  2. All deposits are of the fixed rate. Specific coverages may vary, so patients are encouraged do discuss particulars with us before the treatment begins.
  3. The full deposit amount will be deduced from the total cost of the surgery, unless specified differently.
  4. When insurance coverage applies, the patient is obliged to submit all required documents confirming the surgery coverage of the third- party. Before operation insurance company needs to confirm to the clinic acceptance of the surgery scope and cost.
  5. When financial institution coverage applies (patient is using payment plan from third party lender) the patient is obliged to submit all required documents confirming the surgery coverage of the lender and the payment must be received by the clinic 3 days before operation day.
  6. The deposit you pay to Clinic is based on the estimated procedure price offered to patient based on the information received by the clinic.
  7. The online estimated price is of an approximate value and based on the information delivered by the patient during the initial interview.
  8.  As a result of  direct consultation with a doctor, prior to the surgical procedure, when all the factors not considered during the remote (online) consultation are revealed and all necessary medical examinations are performed; the final price will be calculated and adjusted to individual conditions and may vary from estimated price given in online consultation.
  9. Binding is the price given in Polish zlotys and presented after direct consultation with the doctor, and the price after conversion into the currency in which the patient bills may differ on the day of surgery from that given in the online consultation due to the changing exchange rates (please note that for reservation dates that are far in advance, the exact amount you pay in other currency will vary due to currency exchange rates on the day of the surgery and our price list is subject to change). Therefore the exact amount of the remaining balance to be paid may depend on the date when the surgery fee is paid in full.
  10. If the deposit date and the surgery date are in the different year, then your remaining balance may be affected with the price change. You will receive our e-mail according to the price change around 3 months in advance.
  11. Depends on the kind of the procedure at least 10% of total surgery fee. Not less than 1500 PLN / 300 GBP / 350 euro is required in order to book (reserve) your surgery date for local anesthesia procedures.
    The down payment of at least 3000 PLN / 600 GBP / 700 Euro  is required in order to book (reserve) your surgery date for general anesthesia procedures.
  12. The balance of the surgery fee must be finalized on or before the day of the preoperative consultation with our surgeon, otherwise the surgery will be rescheduled and the deposit of the surgery fee will be forfeited.
  13. If upon arrival, there are permanent or temporary contraindications to the procedure that were not known beforehand and the procedure doesn’t take place, the deposit will be settled to cover costs related to medical consultations, examinations performed, booked time and space for procedure etc. In this case, the deposit is non-refundable.

Paying a deposit for the surgery, doesn’t matter the way of making it – in the form of a bank transfer, PayPal/DotPay transfer or other form of payment is associated with the simultaneous acceptance of the “conditions for performing surgical procedures”, “Deposit policy of Coramed Clinic” and the conditions of “cancelation policy”.

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We are pleased to inform you that Coramed Clinic has been recognized as a Treatment Abroad Patients’ Choice award winner for 2019.

Patients’ Choice recognizes those hospitals and clinics that deliver excellent customer care and a great medical tourism experience.

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