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Fat transfer or lipofilling is a procedure used to correct various places on the body and face. This is one of the safest methods of body and face correction because fat is autologous, living tissue, and in most cases does not cause adverse reactions as may occur in, for example, hyaluronic acid treatment.

Fat transplantation is a universal method used to fill the following places:

  • breasts,
  • buttocks
  • calves
  • cheeks

as well as small areas like:

  • mouth
  • nasolabial folds
  • palms

The advantages of this method are mainly low risk of rejection of transplanted material and low risk of complications. The disadvantage, however, is that no more tissue can be transplanted than the site can accept. Most often, this procedure is performed while enlarging the buttocks, breasts and filling facial features.


  • type of anesthesia: local, which allows for recovery at home and does not require a stay in the clinic,
  • short duration of the procedure – the duration of the procedure, depending on the implantation site, lasts 40-120 min,
  • low risk of complications – fat is an autoimmune tissue that does not cause the risk of rejection.
  • the ability to model a given part of the face or body during the procedure – during the procedure, the doctor can freely model „the selected part of the face or body, in addition, adipose tissue has plastic properties,
  •  no scars,
  • quick recovery after surgery – the procedure does not require a hospital stay,
  • removal of excess fat tissue in unwanted places – together with the attending physician you can determine from which parts of the body tissue will be taken for transplantation, thereby getting rid of it in unwanted places,
  • low surgery costs.



Lipomodelling may also be called Fat transfer or Lipofilling. This procedure takes fat from one part of your body and transfers the fat back into another area to enlarge or correct a contour deficit. This procedure may be performed on patients who have had a breast reconstruction.

How is Lipomodelling done?

The fat is removed from the deeper fatty layers, of either your buttocks, abdomen, hips or inner thighs, using a special needle and syringe. This part of the procedure is called liposuction. The removed fat cells are then separated from the body fluid using special equipment called Centrifuge.

The goal is to remove unwanted fats from one area (such as the stomach or thighs) and use these fats to contour or increase the size of another area (such as, for example, the breasts, buttocks  or to rejuvenate the back of the hand). Therefore, this surgical procedure is not intended only for those who want to remove fat in their so-called “problematic” zones, but for those who want to transform their body with their own fat tissue.

The BEAULI Method

Our procedure employs the tissue-friendly water-jet assisted (WAL) liposuction technique. We call it the BEAULI Method (pronounced “Boly”).

AUgmentation by

The harvested adipose tissue fragments (small islands of approx. 50-200 adipocytes) are flushed out with water and collected in a sterile collection container, where they are immediately separated from the irrigation fluid. These tissue fragments can then be transplanted using small syringes. The survival of the fat cells depends upon how quickly they are reintroduced into the recipient tissue with a good blood supply. It is vital that the fat not be placed into the recipient site in large clumps but rather distributed in the recipient tissue like strings of pearls in individual fragments of adipose tissue using thin cannulas.

New standards in fat-transfer and body-contouring

The innovative body-jet® evo represents the 2nd generation of waterjet-assisted -liposuction devices (WAL). With the help of a fan-shaped, pulsating water beam the fat can be dissolved away from the tissue and evacuated at the same time. Thanks to a novel drive system for the Body-Jet  Evo the intensity and effectiveness of the water beam can be adjusted to the user’s needs, ensuring a rather pain-free treatment. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and vasculatures remain nearly undamaged with the result that the risk of liposuction is minimized, the treatment result is significantly improved and the patient’s recovery time is shortened. Moreover, the gentle effect of the water beam allows an easy and effective fat transfer (J-AFT) especially for mid-size and bigger fat volume. The Body-Jet Evo comprises a modern and up-to-date concept of operation with various presetting’s for liposuction and fat transfer and individually adjustable device parameters.


Fat transfer is performed on people who want to remove signs of aging within the face without using hyaluronic acid or botox products. Thanks to the fat transplant, we can get rid of furrows, wrinkles, sunken or small cheeks while maintaining a natural look and face full of facial expressions. An additional effect of this treatment is also to stimulate the body to rebuild – the transplanted fat contains stem cells that stimulate the growth of new cells, and thus the skin on the face becomes elastic and more elastic. Fat transfer is also an alternative to breast or buttock implantation.

Basic tests are required for this procedure:

  • morphology
  • blood coagulation factors (APTT / INR)
  • creatinine level,
  • electrolyte level (Na-sodium, K-potassium)

At the consultation visit, the doctor ,along  with the patient , decides  which places the adipose tissue will be taken from  for surgery, and places to which the transplant will take place. Then the person is referred for diagnostic tests, which should confirm good state of overall health. The procedure can be performed under local or general  anesthesia, depending on how big the range of the liposuction is,  and begins with the collection of adipose tissue from the designated place using the liposuction method. Then the fat is prepared in such a way as to recover only valuable fat cells and implanted in the target.

After the procedure, do not touch / compress the places where the tissue was implanted, because it requires time to locate. Take care of post-treatment wounds by washing them with a mild cleanser. In some cases, after liposuction, a special pressure belt should be worn to prevent fluid accumulation and swelling. For 2-4 weeks (depending on the amount of tissue collected), avoid physical exertion, hot baths. You should also opt out of the sauna and swimming pool.

  • blood coagulation disorders
  • pregnancy,
  •  heart and circulatory system diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • hypertension,
  • some kidney and liver diseases,
  • infection / inflammation,
  • cancer,
  • small amount of fat tissue that prevents the removal of material for further transplantation

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