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6-12 weeks

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Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure that allows the surgical removal of loose skin from the abdominal area. Skin and fat folds in the middle and lower abdomen are usually removed. Loose skin in this area can be the result of, for example, too fast and intense weight loss or a pregnancy. Pregnancy also carries a risk of abdominal stretch – during abdominoplasty surgery, you can correct muscle separation.

Tummy tuck helps restore the normal appearance of the abdomen and significantly Improves its elasticity and firmness. It should be remembered that the abdominoplasty procedure is not a slimming procedure but only a procedure that improves the appearance and comfort of the patient.

Before making a decision about performing the procedure, you should have a consultative visit. During the consultation visit, the plastic surgeon precisely determines the treatment area and performs preliminary qualification. Tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia. The qualification for performing abdominoplasty is primarily good patient health. Therefore, prior to the planned surgery, tests should be performed that will allow to assess the state of health, among others:

  • blood counts
  • blood coagulation factors (APTT / INR)
  • electrolyte levels (Na-sodium, K-potassium)
  • glucose level
  • creatinine level

Two weeks before the planned surgery, you should stop smoking and do not take blood thinners, e.g. aspirin.

On the day of the planned surgery, do not eat or drink. Before the procedure, the patient talks to the anesthesiologist who qualifies patient for the procedure under general anesthesia. During this conversation you can clarify any issues regarding anesthesia. Excess skin is excised through a V-shaped skin cut from hip to hip. This removes excess skin in the middle and lower abdomen. Often, during the procedure, there is a need to make a new navel. After removing excess tissue, the skin of both edges is stitched. After the procedure, a permanent scar remains, which is invisible when wearing underwear or a swimsuit. The patient stays in the clinic immediately after the procedure.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient is dressed in a special compression belt, which prevents fluid accumulation and swelling. The belt should be worn for a minimum of 6-9 weeks after surgery. On the second day after the procedure, drains are removed that collect excessive amounts of fluid accumulating in the abdomen. If there were used non-dissolvable sutures should be removed between 7-14 days after surgery. The surgeon decides about the time of sutures removal. Appropriate postoperative wound care is also important during the recovery period. During wound healing, the wound should be washed with a mild cleansing agent. After removing the stitches, the scar after cutting should be greased and massaged at the same time to prevent the formation of adhesions. It is also recommended to give up practicing sports and limit physical activity for a period of 3 months. The final effect of the treatment is obtained after 6-12 months. Tummy tuck is a one-time procedure.

Alike all surgical procedures, abdominoplasty can not be performed on patients with:

  • blood clotting disorders
  • active infections
  • cancer, disorders that prevent administration of general anesthesia
  • herpes
  • some autoimmune diseases
  • poor test results
  • women planning a pregnancy.

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