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150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I was referred by a coworker who had procedures done at Coramed previously, and I was not disappointed. The clinic and facilities are state of the art. I had a breast reduction, from size D to a B cup. I am 60yrs old and just felt this was important for my self-image.

The whole process was very efficient from entering the morning of surgery, to release 24 hours later. The stay, the attendants, meals, and the room were all excellent. I was amazed that I had hardly any pain. I guess it’s just fat and skin, no muscle cut. So no soreness or pain.

I was able to walk around the city center the next day. My healing felt accelerated over the next 3 weeks and most of all, my breasts are high and tight, like they were at 25 years old. I have already recommended Coramed to several friends as the cost is about 1/2 of US prices.