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150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I had this problem of gynecomastia from the time I was teenager. This made me feel always uncomfortable and low self esteem. I wanted to get rid of this from long time. When I decided to have this done, I was worried as I had never travelled abroad and I couldn’t afford this surgery in my country. It was my first trip and it was not for the holiday, but just to have the surgery! I’m only 20 years old so was more worried. I was speaking to Sandhya, my coordinator, she made me feel very confident. I travelled in October. Everything went smooth. No problems with Covid. I’m vaccinated.

In the clinic people speak English. I had the surgery in the afternoon on the day of my arrival. I had the consultation with Dr Wojciech. He explained everything in detail. I was not worried about the procedure after I was there. The anaesthetist was very nice. He gave me some medications to relax. When I woke up after the procedure, I didn’t have much pain. I spent the night in the clinic and only 4 days in Poland. I received the documents and instructions for the recovery in English. Now everything is healed. I am extremely happy that finally I have got it done!!!