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Gynecomastia opperation

Gynecomastia opperation 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

Firstly, a little bit about myself & a short explanation of the work I required I’m a 40 year old, UK patient, who spent 3 days in Wroclaw Poland, for a Gynecomastia opperation (male breast removal) This included gland removal, and liposuction of the chest area. My initial online consultation was simple, and we agreed a very fair price, as part of a all inclusive package deal, from my bed & food, too a taxi and even all my after care (garment, medication, gells etc) literally they took care of everything, all included in my price Upon landing, the taxi driver contacted me via text message and was easy too find He took me to the Coramed Clinic, where I was greated by friendly staff, and I had my blood tests taken, and a brief talk about what to expect I was then taken by taxi to a nice hotel Coramed had booked for me, for 1 night I enjoyed the hotel and I must advise that you see Wroclaw for yourself, its a very beautiful city with great sights, and great food I will return because 1 day isn’t enough too enjoy such a beautiful place Anyway… The following day the taxi driver arrived and me plus 2 other girls went back too Coramed, where the same staff met us, and helped us settle in The staff are truely friendly, great communicators ( with very clear English skills) Everyone was very welcoming towards me and the other 2 girls, they smiled and offered me help, and made my stay feel very homely They made the opperation day feel less intense, & very calm, perfect for settling any nerves I had I later spoken too my surgeon, who was very informative, with great english skills, and seemed very interested in answering all of my questions, I felt I was in safe hands Every detail was as agreed in our original deal, with exceptional care, juice, water and coffee was provided Breakfast and other snacks, also The Clinic is modern, very clean & sorry too repeat myself, but the staff are absolutely fantastic, so happy too help you. The cleaner was always on top of any mess, like when I had a shower it was cleaned immediately, incase any1 else needed it The bed at the clinic was very comfortable, I’m suprised at how well I slept TV had English channels as well as other language’s Afterwards… I was given very clear instructions for my recovery process, as well as a written copy, too take home with me, incase I forgot anything Overall… Always on time, lots of smiling, happy and helpful staff… Clean and safe Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my early results or the entire experience I highly recommend this Coramed team too everyone, I only wish I could have stayed longer and seen more of the city Thank you so much Coramed, for such a pleasant experience.

My results are very good!

My results are very good! 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I took a gynecomastia surgery on the 19th of August. It has been three weeks after my surgery. My results are very good and I am 100% satisfied. I gave a 5 star rating because this clinic is very affordable, has excellent professionals and their follow services before, during and after the surgery are very good. I want to thank Aleksandra Luniewska, Anna and all other staff members at Coramed for giving me the best services. If you are looking for a clinic for cosmetic surgery then this is the best place to get your surgery. I had a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone out there.

A good final result as I expected

A good final result as I expected 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery
  • Free airport and clinic taxi picked up
  •  3 nights of hotel stay included
  • Excellent service and consultation
  • A good final result as I expected

    What else I can say? I had been well looked after during my stay in Poland and I am very satisfied with my gynecomastia surgery. The cost is like the 1/3 of the price in Coramed compared in Ireland and its even better than in Ireland. I highly recommend Coramed in Wroclaw if you wish to get your puffy nipples away.