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150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

l had a big belly and was really sceptical about having liposuction but can l say l regret the decision unfortunately not even. Coramed clinic their service is amazing will send pictures after the recovery.

150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I got my slight eyebags removed a few months ago. I waited a while and the difference is a more youthful appearance. I have been told the difference is very very noticeable. Now if you have intolerances to the food you can’t resist then the difference won’t be so noticeable if the food puffs out the eyes. The hospital itself is magnificent. So modern and I’m a cleaning addict and this place was so spotless I was actually looking for dirt.

150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

The whole experience from start when I first made contact with the clinic was 5 star. I had my own appointed practitioner who went through everything step by step, even helping with flights and accommodation. At the clinic the standard of cleanliness was 5 star, I was treated very well by nurses and doctors, the actual surgery was first class and I am so happy with the results, upper and lower eyes and lower neck face lift, I have no scars they are there but healed so well no one has noticed, everyone keeps saying I’m getting younger looking every year, my family say I look 20 years younger. I am going back out to have a tummy tuck as soon as possible. I trust them, also the price is so much more affordable than UK, I felt the clinical standards were at a higher standard than the UK tbh. So happy with whole process start to finish thank you so much for everything you have done for me, it has changed my life 😊

150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

Everything about my experience/treatment was first class. I am a 56-year-old male. I had liposuction to abdomen and lower back. At the Coramed clinic. Everything about my experience/treatment was first class. All the staff and surgeons were so helpful and friendly. I had to stay in overnight which I was not happy with. But in reality, it was such the right decision. I had an epidural which was fantastic for my recovery. And I was up and around the next morning. I spent the next four days enjoying the sights, bars and fantastic restaurants. The clinic kept in touch the whole time. And the drivers they use are top class, so helpful and always on time to take you to and from the airport. As well as every attendance at the clinic. I could not recommend this clinic with any higher praise. Simply first class.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I just read the negative reviews above and I am absolutely gobsmacked! As a FOURTH time returning patient, the only thing that I can think of why someone writes like that, is if they have been paid by a competitor! The reason I first went to Rafał Szewczyk at Coramed, was because they are NOT a selling machine like most clinics in Poland and Turkey! This is a very close knit team, working brilliantly together to give you the attention, confidence and welcome anyone could ask for! Dr Luniewska has performed a face lift, eye lid correction, lipo and a tummy tuck on me..every single time I feel like we are coming back to visit friends and the surgery is amazing! The new clinic is beautiful and they have more state of the art equipment than you will find in the UK, the customer care is beyond what anyone could expect from a clinic. I advise you to speak to them, Rafał Szewczyk, Anna CoramedClinic will give you honest opinions! Not a sales pitch where you are treated like a number! I will be more than happy to personally talk to anyone who is thinking about booking here:)

Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

Hi, I’ve recently had a mini tummy tuck at this clinic and can highly recommend the clinic and the surgeon. The taxi driver that took me to the clinic spoke perfect English and recommended places to go and visit before my surgery. The level of care was perfect and the clinic very modern, with friendly and informative staff. I’m a healthcare professional in the UK and would return for more surgery in the future. Thank you.

Amy, Sweden

Amy, Sweden 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I really loved my choice! I had excess skin/stretch mark removal over my arms. After years of research, I finally chose Coramed for my surgery. The surgery was done by the amazing and down to earth Dr Aleksandra Luniewska. I had carried out considerable amount of research prior to my surgery. I chose Coramed because of their professionalism and the great reviews i’ve received about the clinic. From the moment I contacted Anna to the consultation, I knew that I came to the perfect clinic for my surgery. The staff are amazing! Anna and Kinga are very kind and very caring! The taxi driver Marios is fantastic and very helpful. The clinic is spotless and beautiful!The cost was awesome compared to prices here in Sweden. It’s been only 2 weeks and my scars are almost healed and no sign of keloid and i’m dark skinned (for reference). I cannot recommend Coramed enough! Coramed is not the first clinic i’ve been to in Poland, but it’s simply the best! I’m already planning for more treatments with this clinic. Thank you Dr Luniewska and your brilliant team! Job well done!

Operation in Poland…

Operation in Poland… 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

Having never been outside of the Uk for any type of surgery I was very apprehensive as to what to expect or what any results might be from this surgery. I’d contacted the Coramed Clinic approximately eleven months ago to discuss having a full body lift. They advised me on the process and what I needed to do as in lose weight prior to surgery. The clinic not only arranged the surgery but also my accommodation and even while I was here I decided to have my teeth looked at which they took the time to recommend and arrange that for me. The clinic is amazing, it’s so modern and clean, the staff are helpful and friendly, the food is lovely. You really do feel like you are a cherished patient. Understanding now what Coramed Clinic has to offer I hope to be returning within the next six months to have some stem cell treatment carried out on my knees which is a procedure not offered in the Uk and iv been told there is nothing more they can do to help me in the Uk. It just goes to show what kind of care and specialists you will be receiving if you also chose this clinic. I’d like to say thank you to everyone at the clinic you have all been amazing. Even if you didn’t preform the surgery on me it’s all about being part of the Coramed clinic team. I hope to see you all very soon Best regards!

Gynecomastia opperation

Gynecomastia opperation 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

Firstly, a little bit about myself & a short explanation of the work I required I’m a 40 year old, UK patient, who spent 3 days in Wroclaw Poland, for a Gynecomastia opperation (male breast removal) This included gland removal, and liposuction of the chest area. My initial online consultation was simple, and we agreed a very fair price, as part of a all inclusive package deal, from my bed & food, too a taxi and even all my after care (garment, medication, gells etc) literally they took care of everything, all included in my price Upon landing, the taxi driver contacted me via text message and was easy too find He took me to the Coramed Clinic, where I was greated by friendly staff, and I had my blood tests taken, and a brief talk about what to expect I was then taken by taxi to a nice hotel Coramed had booked for me, for 1 night I enjoyed the hotel and I must advise that you see Wroclaw for yourself, its a very beautiful city with great sights, and great food I will return because 1 day isn’t enough too enjoy such a beautiful place Anyway… The following day the taxi driver arrived and me plus 2 other girls went back too Coramed, where the same staff met us, and helped us settle in The staff are truely friendly, great communicators ( with very clear English skills) Everyone was very welcoming towards me and the other 2 girls, they smiled and offered me help, and made my stay feel very homely They made the opperation day feel less intense, & very calm, perfect for settling any nerves I had I later spoken too my surgeon, who was very informative, with great english skills, and seemed very interested in answering all of my questions, I felt I was in safe hands Every detail was as agreed in our original deal, with exceptional care, juice, water and coffee was provided Breakfast and other snacks, also The Clinic is modern, very clean & sorry too repeat myself, but the staff are absolutely fantastic, so happy too help you. The cleaner was always on top of any mess, like when I had a shower it was cleaned immediately, incase any1 else needed it The bed at the clinic was very comfortable, I’m suprised at how well I slept TV had English channels as well as other language’s Afterwards… I was given very clear instructions for my recovery process, as well as a written copy, too take home with me, incase I forgot anything Overall… Always on time, lots of smiling, happy and helpful staff… Clean and safe Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with my early results or the entire experience I highly recommend this Coramed team too everyone, I only wish I could have stayed longer and seen more of the city Thank you so much Coramed, for such a pleasant experience.

My results are very good!

My results are very good! 150 150 Coramed Beauty Surgery

I took a gynecomastia surgery on the 19th of August. It has been three weeks after my surgery. My results are very good and I am 100% satisfied. I gave a 5 star rating because this clinic is very affordable, has excellent professionals and their follow services before, during and after the surgery are very good. I want to thank Aleksandra Luniewska, Anna and all other staff members at Coramed for giving me the best services. If you are looking for a clinic for cosmetic surgery then this is the best place to get your surgery. I had a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone out there.