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The trust of our patients is extremely important to us.

That is why we cooperate with recognized authorities in our fields, specialists with an established position and many years of experience. A holistic approach to medical care means cooperation of doctors of various specialties who consult with each other the patient’s health situation, having the opportunity to perform comprehensive laboratory and imaging diagnostics. In practice, this means that patients can count on comprehensive care to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Specialist doctors select medical procedures so that they complement each other, ensuring an improvement in the quality aof life and the fastest and most effective recovery.

In addition to professionalism and experience, we place great emphasis on communication with patients. Cor-a-med, i.e. heart and medicine, are at the heart of our contacts with patients. Empathy, understanding and a cordial approach to the patient are values that are guided not only by doctors, but also by the medical and administrative staff of our facility. We all believe in the principle “semper ad meliora” which in practice means that we are constantly striving to improve patient care standards. Our specialists are not only based on experience gained so far, but are constantly developing through internships in Polish and foreign medical centres, and participation in modern courses and trainings.


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    Aleksandra Luniewska has been practicing plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine for more than 10 years. She constantly improves his expertise and qualifications, regularly participates in scientific conferences on plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, both in Poland and abroad.

dr Aleksandra Łuniewska

Surgeon, specialist of plastic surgery

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    Author of innovative therapeutic methods that allow to achieve very effective, but natural effects of skin rejuvenation.
    Author of modern lifting techniques, tailor-made for individual patient needs such as: SMART NETWORK, smARTlift, Supporting Volumetry, ARTLift Antigravity Concepr, Nonsurgical micro cannulas Facelifting.

dr Robert Chmielewski

Surgeon, specialist of cosmetic surgery, Body Jet EVO specialist, aesthetic medicine specialist and international trainer

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    One of the first to carry out an innovative reconstruction of the jaw bone and promote its healing using fatal stem cells in a patient with extensive bone damage as a result of cancer. A member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

dr Łukasz Banasiak

Surgeon, specialist of plastic surgery, Body Jet EVO specialist

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    Doctor Mikolaj Pernak specializes in performing procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. While performing services, he uses technologically advanced medical devices. Among the treatments offered by him, you can mention Body-jet liposuction and fat enlargement.

dr Mikołaj Pernak

Surgeon, specialist of cosmetic surgery, Body Jet EVO specialist, aesthetic medicine specialist

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    Specializes in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Performs ultrasound, collects material for cytology and bacteriological swabs. He accepts patients with menstrual disorders as well as infertility problems. He deals with patients throughout the process associated with in vitro fertilization.

dr Marek Pochwałowski

Gynecology and obstetrics specialist

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